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Personnel, Vehicle & Shipping Containers Protection

Providing a sound tracking and alerting solution for your critical assets is our focus.  No matter if it’s personnel, vehicles or shipping containers we support your business anywhere you operate. Powered by SOMBRA TRACK

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Pipeline Protection

Pipeline operator’s main objective is to provide efficient and safe transportation of products while minimizing losses.  We focus on providing a customized solution for protecting customer’s pipeline that focuses on monitoring and alerting on losses and spills, pipeline and facilities intrusion detection, video surveillance and communications architectures.

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Consulting Services

Our Consulting services provide a single source of accountability for planning and delivery of services by utilizing around the clock asset protection with the right combination of personnel, process, management systems, communications architectures, sensors and tracking devices.

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Sombra Solutions can help you meet the challenges of your extended enterprise and provide peace of mind that your assets are under surveillance 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our Managed Protection & Tracking Solution makes it possible to track and visualize assets in near real time and to alert your incident response personnel when customer defined security events occur.