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When asset protection is your business, there is no “Closed” sign or “Time Off”

For customers and stockholders there is no such thing as an 8 hour business day. Now customers expect assurance that their assets are accountable and safe “around the clock”.

Employees are increasingly mobile and other company critical assets often operate in diverse work environments. This is a description of “extended enterprise” and its very nature creates challenges that test the limits of communication infrastructures and asset protection technologies.

Sombra Solutions can help you meet the challenges of your extended enterprise and provide peace of mind that your assets are under surveillance 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our Managed Protection & Tracking Solution makes it possible to track and visualize assets in near real time and to alert your incident response personnel when customer defined security events occur.

Our solution provide our clients access to vital information, where and when they need it.  This level of asset protection enables your company to remain effective and productive while providing enhanced protection for valuable company assets enabling your organization to become more competitive.

Providing around the clock asset protection with the right combination of people, process, management systems, communications architectures, sensors and tracking devices is a complex thing, Establishing and maintaining your own dedicated asset protection solutions and a monitoring center puts a serious drain on both resources and personnel.

When costs and level of expertise are factored in, companies most often conclude that they should focus on what they do best and turn their asset protection over to our experts. Designing, installing & managing complicated information technology systems, tracking/sensor solutions and communications networks are our strengths.

Personnel, Vehicle & Shipping Containers Protection

Providing a sound tracking and alerting solution for your critical assets is our focus.  No matter if it’s personnel, vehicles or shipping containers we support your business anywhere you operate.

No room for errors

With our Managed Protection & Tracking service we determine the right technology device’s for the application and environment for your operation, whether it is deep in the jungle or in a large urban environment.  We only use communication service providers and devices that have a proven track record for providing the most reliable service.  Further, our monitoring center utilizes state of the art software SOMBRA TRACK for visualizing and receiving alerts of incidents, and is manned with specially trained incident response personnel to provide a focused and timely response to incidents.

Pipeline Protection

Pipeline operator’s main objective is to provide efficient and safe transportation of products while minimizing losses.  At Sombra Solutions, we focus on providing a customized solution for protecting customer’s pipeline that focuses on monitoring and alerting on losses and spills, pipeline and facilities intrusion detection, video surveillance and communications architectures.

Assurance without worrying

Our Managed Protection service enables us to recommend the right combination of devices and sensors for the application, pipeline layout and environment.

We only use communication technologies, devices and sensors that have been to provide the most reliable and timely service. All of the technology we  employed to protect your pipeline assets have been tested to our level of providing a service that is a no fail mission.